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Nowadays, attention is paid to sexuality education in primary school.Of course this is a good thing.In this way children learn to understand what happens during puberty, how sex works and the additional feelings, both physically and mentally.

The Right Options

Unfortunately, these lessons are exclusively aimed at heterosexuals.All sketches and explanations concern a man and a woman.This makes homosexuals totally ignorant about how and what a first relationship enters.

The best Children

Nowadays children in school receive sex education in groups 7 or 8 for the first time. The children are then at an age (approx. 11/12 years) that they understand what is meant by sex. Of course it is difficult for these children to stay serious during these lessons. Boys bump into each other when they hear the word ‘breasts’ and girls giggle when the word ‘penis’ is called. Nevertheless, these lessons do generate enough interest among children to save the explanation alongside the humor of these words. Broadly speaking, they hear how you kiss someone, make love to someone, how to use a condom and how to take the pill. There is also a possibility to ask questions, if desired anonymously via the so-called letter round. At this age, the children do not yet hear all the ins and outs of sex. In most cases, this information follows secondary education. For the lesbian escort London this can be easily availed.

The Proper Knowledge

This girl knows exactly how to make love with a boy, something she knows for sure never wants to experience. The sex that she would like to experience (later) is completely unknown to her. Is she not entitled to sex education that suits her better? Is she weird because she asked the question and was laughed at? Couldn’t the teacher have organized an extra lesson with some information for gays and lesbians? Apparently not. Apparently the intention is that homosexuals will be totally ignorant of their first sex experience. This should not happen? What is this girl less than her classmates? For all these girls: here is your information. You are just as entitled to it!

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